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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Feature additions


          I have decided to SHORTEN the new posts on the Homepage to a certain length in order to avoid any excessive load on the server so that the page can load faster for a Smooth browsing experience for everyone here :D

This means the posts you see on the homepage will NOT be full posts. In order to see FULL POSTS, please click on Post Title or the Link below the post that takes you to the full post.

Also installed a "Related Posts" banner below every post to make it easier for you to navigate through posts with relative ease. :)

The posts are Primarily categorized in to Bollywood and Hollywood in the Menu bar. They are also categorized by Actress names on the Sidebar to the right.  The Archives (below the Mp3 player) are also a good way to catch up with the posts. There are labels under every post as well to help guide you through similar Actress fakes themes on this blog.

I have also installed a STAR RATING system under every post. As i am the FAKER of all the fakes posted on this blog, I would LOVE to see people Rate my work whether it is as appreciation or criticism. The interaction will be a HUGE motivation for me to bring you updates sooner. :)

Hope these additions make your browsing and navigation experience enjoyable.

Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or recommendations you have for this blog. 
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