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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaley Cuoco - Part 1

Kaley Cuoco is a very very naughty girl with a very high sex drive. Once she is horny, she will do anything to get a dick's attention to her ass. All she wants is to get her ass and pussy licked and fucked like a little whore bitch she is.

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Kaley Cuoco - Part 2

Looks like Kaley has found her slaves for the night. watch her make them her personal ass cleaner as they lick her dirty sweaty smelly little asshole clean. Kaley just loves the feeling of making a man lick her dirty little holes after she has used the toilet, she calls it 2 birds with one stone theory where she gets her mind blown with oral pleasure while its getting cleaned. filthy slut's asshole tastes so nice that she will never run out of slave supply to eat her out day and night. Kaley thinks she is torturing them but she is just making the hornier, now they demand to take her in the ass which turns her on nervously and shoves a huge dildo up her butt to prepare for the pounding she will receive in her asshole and pussy.

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Kaley Cuoco - Part 3

Now the real fucking starts with Kaley. Since she has been working for the nerd comedy show, she has been bombarded with offers by rich nerds to fuck her. She can only be happy that not only will she be able to fuck as much as she wants but also get paid for it. Nerds bring their costumes and dress her lovely ass up only to rip it off her and fuck her dripping wet pussy. but pussy is not enough for her, the nerds are too stupid to realize she wants her butthole rammed in so she starts fingering it herself as they nail her loose piehole triggering immense pleasure.

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Kaley Cuoco - Part 4

She takes money from the nerds to fuck her but since she still remains unsatisfied, kaley goes out to hunt for cocks. These men can only be happy to be allowed to fuck her in the lovely curvaceous ass. Every one there watching her taking cock after cock into her asshole and getting dp'd want in on the action too. soon a simple quest for anal thirst turns into a all holes jammed gangbang as she starts taking in 2-3 dicks up her butthole at once. this kinky blonde nasty whore deep throats dicks coming straight out of her asshole so she can taste her ass along with the cumshot in her throat.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

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